Social Media Resources

The social media videos and graphics on this page can be downloaded, modified if needed, rebranded, and used by anyone who is interested in promoting smoke ready concepts. Click on the link or image to download a full sized file.


Three simple and short videos on smoke ready concepts from Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency and Washington Dept. of Health. The final scene in each has been left blank to allow customization. Fill in your local partner agencies and their website links. (Air Resource Advisors can contact IWFAQRP staff for assistance with modifying the videos.)

Video 1: Simple overview of smoke ready concepts.

Video 2: Focus on HVAC system adjustments for reducing smoke particles.

Video 3: Creating a clean room with a portable air cleaner or a box fan.

ARA's: here's a draft closing slide for the videos above.


Thanks to the Forest Service Region 6 for the following set of graphics. Originals contain Forest Service and USDA logos. There is a No Logo version available at the link below some of the graphics. Landscape orientation works well for Twitter, vertical images work well for Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks to Washington Department of Ecology for the following set of graphics.

Thanks to Air Pollution Control District Santa Barbara County, and Santa Barbara County Public Health Department for the following resources.

Thanks to Puget Sound Clean Air Agency for the following set of images. Images shown were designed for Instagram. Twitter and Facebook versions are available at the links. Contact for versions in Vietnamese, Somali, Korean, or Spanish.

Thanks to Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency for the following set of images.