Smoke Monitor Kits: Details

Smoke Monitor Kits: Details

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The E-Sampler kit (NFES #005840) comes in three boxes. The main box contains the E-Sampler, the second box contains the GOES satellite equipment and anemometer, and the third box contains the tripod.


Detailed set-up and tear-down instructions are included in the kit. Setup takes about 15 minutes for an experienced person. The kit should be packed-up in the same manner it was originally shipped to avoid damage to the instruments.

A training video on set-up and use is available at


The full replacement cost of the unit is approximately $14,600. Kits are expected to be returned complete and in good working condition. Requesting units will be held responsible for any damage or loss to the kits. The following is a list of replacement costs for items in the kit, this does not include shipping or labor costs.

Smoke Monitor Contact Info

The primary contact is the Smoke Hotline:

(303) 736-9246 | 

While these contact methods are typically monitored 24/7, the best hours for contact are:

Monday through Friday: 8am-5pm Mountain time.