ARA Pre-Work

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Wildland Fire Decision Support System (WFDSS) Overview (1 hour)
Recommended: Lessons 1 & 2

Smoke: Knowing the Risks
video (14 minutes)

Review the Wildland Fire Personnel Smoke Exposure Guidebook (13 pages)

Smoke Blogs: See the “Smoke Blogs” section from the ARA website. Review (30 min)

Basic Wildland Fire Orientation (S-110) – video (15 minutes)

If you do not have fire experience:
S-130 Basic Firefighter Training – (30 hours)
S-190 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior – (6-8 hours)

About the Wildland Fire Air Quality Response Program – (30 min)
select “Wildland Fire Air Quality Response Program”

Air Quality Refresher: Smoke Management and Air Quality for Land Managers

Meteorology: Trainees without a meteorology background, or who need a refresher should take units from S-290, Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior at the link above (you may need to create an account)

• S-290 unit 4 Basic Weather Processes (< 1 hour)
• S-290 unit 5 Temperature and Relative Humidly Relationships (< 1 hour)
• S-290 unit 6 Atmospheric Stability (3-4 hours)
• S-290 unit 7 Wind Systems (2-3 hours).
• Recommended Textbook: Dave Whiteman’s Mountain Meteorology.

Smoke Modeling

Review the BlueSky daily predictions and come prepared with questions – (30 min)
View webinar – (1 hour)

Review the Wildland Fire Personnel Transportation Safety Guidebook (26 pages)
Note, this Guide is up for revision so comments are appreciated.

Recommend: Assignments to Area Command or Geographic Area Coordination Center

ICS-400 Advanced Incident Command System
IS-800.B An Introduction to the National Response Framework (3 hours)

Further Reading…

Basic Smoke Management Practice
Wildfire Smoke A Guide for Public Health Officials