About the Cache

A Cache of 24 smoke particulate monitoring kits (20 E-Samplers and 4 EBAMs) is available for deployment to wildland fires upon request of firefighting agencies with US Forest Service charge (job) codes. The kits provide real-time measurements of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and are available for monitoring both wildfire emissions and prescribed burns. Each monitoring kit contains a Met One Instruments Inc. E-Sampler (or EBAM), mounting tripod, GOES satellite telemetry system, wind speed and direction sensor, ambient relative humidity sensor, ambient temperature sensor, tool kit, and assembly directions. Each monitor is designed to run off of AC power and for typically include a 100 ft extension cord

A full description of the kit and how to set it up can be found on the Smoke Monitoring Kit page


The RMK hosts the National Incident Smoke Monitor Support Cache (NISMSC).  NISMSC contains smoke particulate monitoring kits (NFES # 005840 – E-Samplers and NFES # 005841 – EBAMs). These kits are available for deployment to wildfire and prescribed burn incidents. The National Smoke Monitor Coordinator (720-347-5565) should be contacted prior to ordering an NFES # 005841 – EBAM smoke monitoring kit.

Smoke monitoring kits are ordered using an NFES Supply Request. Requests should be placed directly to the RMK and not placed to up to a GACC or NICC. Contact RMK at 303-202-4940 to confirm that the smoke monitoring kit request was received successfully.

To place a smoke monitoring kit supply request to the Rocky Mountain Incident Support Cache (CO-RMK), after pressing the action item, choose the “PLACE TO EXERNAL CACHE+”.


Select the drop down arrow and scroll until you find the CO-RMK Rocky Mountain Area Incident Support Cache and click on it.  Once you press the <OK> button, the order will be sent directly to CO-RMK to be processed.  Please follow up with a call to CO-RMK to confirm that they have received your order – 303-202-4940.

A physical shipping address which includes a street name and number, city, state, and zip code is required.  A receiving incident phone number should be included on the resource order.  A valid US Forest Service charge (job) code must be provided.

Subject to kit availability, weekday orders processed by 1400 MT will be shipped that afternoon Next Day Air.  If a weekend delivery is requested, make certain that UPS delivers to that location on the weekend.  Weekend orders processed prior to 1100 MT on Saturday can be expected to arrive on Monday, while anything afterwards may not be received until Tuesday.  In certain circumstances, arrangements can be made for expedited shipping after these general cut-off times.  Contact RMK at 303-202-4940 if this is necessary.

All smoke monitoring kits should be returned immediately to the RMK after each assignment for rehabilitation.  Smoke monitoring kits should not be reassigned unless pre-approved by the National Smoke Monitor Coordinator (720-347-5565).

The incident or unit charged with custody of the smoke monitor kit is responsible for a complete inventory of that equipment upon return from the incident. NISMSC kits should be packed properly in their shipping cases and returned promptly to RMK.  Do not stockpile kits.  Incidents are responsible for ensuring all smoke monitor kits are returned or accounted for on a Property Loss Statement.

Return Shipping Address:

Rocky Mountain Interagency Support Cache
Denver Federal Center, BLDG 810, Door N27
Lakewood, CO 80225

For a complete list of kit components, refer to the NWCG Fire Supplies and Equipment Catalog, Part 1, NFES 0362 (http://www.nwcg.gov/sites/default/files/publications/NFES-Catalog-May-16-2016_1.pdf)


The requesting unit is expected to pay for shipping costs, typically UPS Overnight Air unless other arrangements are made. It is recommended that values be declared on each shipping box ($8,000 for each rectangular box, $1,000 for the tripod case). Normal maintenance costs (done between deployments) are not currently charged to the requesting unit.

In addition, any costs due to damage or loss are expected to be paid by the requesting unit as they occur. Total kit replacement cost is approximately $14,600 and a detailed price list is on the Smoke Monitor Kit page.