2022 Air Resource Advisor Class

2023 ARA Training Class Pre-Work

The Air Resource Advisor training course requires substantial pre-work to be completed in advance of the classroom session.

Required pre-work will be announced to accepted students before classroom session. To give a sense of the scope of the pre-work required, the following list is from Training Classes from previous years. This list is continually being revised; individual items may be added, eliminated, or revamped for the 2023 course.


For those with limited fire experience:

For those with a limited meteorology background:

      • Four S-290 (Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior) course segments:

        • Unit 4: Basic Weather Processes (< 1 hour)

        • Unit 5: Temperature and Relative Humidly Relationships (< 1 hour)

        • Unit 6: Atmospheric Stability (3-4 hours)

        • Unit 7: Wind Systems (2-3 hours)

For those without recent active air quality professional experience:

For ALL students (subject to revision):